LWP Law Firm

Our firm brings together lawyers with more than 20 years of expertise in various fields covering all the needs of a company. Our interventions make LWP Avocats a trusted partner in your development, securing your process and answering to your transmission needs

Founded by 3 partners, Jean-Yves Ledizet, Brice Wartel and Vitore Pali, LWP Avocats’ clients include companies of all sizes (but mainly medium size companies), subsidiaries of large groups, investment funds and other financial players (portfolio management companies and investment service providers), as well as associations and local authorities.

While its headquarters are in Paris, LWP Avocats operates throughout France.

Our lawyers have a common objective: to provide a technical and pragmatic solution, with a requirement for accessibility and responsiveness.

Entrepreneurial clients

Every wise entrepreneur secures his decisions.

LWP Avocats accompanies managers to help them make decisions and implement their choices.

Every far-sighted entrepreneur is on the move.

Change is permanent. We must anticipate and adapt to it. In this spirit, LWP Avocats wants to help managers gain a head start by providing them with a well-founded perspective and practical support.

Every intuitive entrepreneur recognizes the added value of the law.

The added value of the law is of utmost importance in a sustainable partnership. It is in this perspective that we work with managers.

Business lawyers

All enlightened lawyers know how to listen.

LWP Avocats seeks to build a relationship based on proximity and mutual trust that encourages a rich and constructive exchange.

Any insightful lawyer is responsive and available.

Our clients know that they can count on our availability and responsiveness.

Every skilled lawyer masters  his field of expertise.

Our team is committed to ongoing training processes designed to enable us to offer renewed competence.

From assistance in decision-making to the settlement of disputes and conflicts, LWP Avocats is thus in a position to fully serve your objectives.