Corporate law
Mergers & Acquisitions

LWP Avocats implements your acquisition, external growth and investment projects 

Our teams assist you in the implementation of external growth operations as well as in the event of a sale, whatever the nature of your business or the size of the target.

We advise you in order to define an optimal takeover or sale plan. We also help you to set up the necessary financing for this operation.

LWP Avocats conducts legal and tax audits on your behalf, allowing you to optimize your acquisition process

We negotiate with you the acquisition conditions and the guarantees to be granted or obtained.

We provide you with our expertise in the negotiation of the legal documentation necessary for the acquisition or sale operations.

LWP Avocats assists you in your fund raising operations (Private Equity)

We also have extensive experience in the field of profit-sharing for managers and employees, as well as in the negotiation and implementation of management packages.

Jean-Yves Ledizet